Wall Sconces as Pendants

Since our Wedge Wall Sconces were introduced over 30 years ago, we have been asked to create custom wedge pendant lighting for residences across the country.

Here are a few examples of our WS6215 Wedge Wall Sconces as pendants designed by Hugh Newell Jacobson, AIA and Ethelind Coblin, AIA.

Please contact us for your custom sconce project.

Private Residence, Orchard Island FL.
WS6215 Wedge Wall Sconce on Stem
Lighting by Hugh Newell Jacobson
Photography: Robert C Lautman
Private Residence, Nantucket, MA
WS6215 Wedge Wall Sconce on Stem

Private Residence, Quoque NY
WS6215 Wedge Wall Sconce customized as 4 fixture pendant
Original halogen pendant from 1980's refurbished and retrofitted as LED
Ethelind Coblin, AIA, Ethelind Coblin Associates