Private Residence, Jackson Hole WY

Reflex Fixtures

Lighting Design: Cline Bettridge Bernstein
Architect: Carney Logan Burke Architects
Photography: Paul Warchol and Matthew Millman

This Jackson, Wyoming home is built into the side of a mountain, creating vistas of the Grand Tetons beyond. The lighting seeks to highlight the natural construction materials, helping to blend the house into its dramatic environs.

The lighting solution has an effortless quality that creates a warm and harmonious environment. However, the ease of the design belies the compositional considerations and technical detailing required to produce the total effect. The lighting of the expansive wood ceiling is a unifying motif, linking both interior and exterior spaces. Customized fixtures, carefully detailed into the wood ceiling, are outfitted with specific lenses to illuminate an extensive and varied art collection. Cline Bettridge Bernstein Lighting Design specified the installation of our Reflex RX1320 Recessed Indirect fixtures throughout the entrance, home office and living room.

The lighting, seamlessly integrated into the architecture, enhances the palette of natural materials and suffuses the house with a hearth-like glow.

Design continuity at its finest!
Wall Wash Lighting in private residence living room
Recessed Indirect lighting in office of private home
Wall Wash Lighting in private residence entry foyer