Belfer Lighting's Reflex® LED Series offers unparalleled versatility to designers. It is specifically designed for installation in ceilings or walls, providing exceptional indirect lighting and outstanding wall wash capability. Moreover, it can be installed at the aisle level to illuminate corridors and hallways effectively. Various architectural grade trims and tempered glass lenses complement its clean lines.

The Reflex® LED lighting is engineered to fit between studs seamlessly, making it an ideal choice for new construction and renovation projects. Its simplicity and sophistication make it a perfect fit for various settings, including retail, hospitality, and corporate applications.

Reflex Gallery

NIH Research Center


Private Residence


Silksceen your hotel or office room numbers on your recessed lighting fixtures in the hallway outside each door

Rich Powder Coat finishes, self leveling spring mounted trims, silkscreening, tempered glass lenses and a complete line of reflector options are available.