On September 26, 2018, we lost our lovely Alexandra to the ravages of a very rare autoimmune disease. Alex, the daughter of Elaine Belfer Raucher and Ben Raucher, the niece of Bruce and Marc Belfer was 14 years old when she passed.

To honor our girl, the Belfer and Raucher Family created the Alexandra Raucher Memorial Fund to provide funding and scholarships to support her ideals and loves. These include high school scholarships, STEM programs, robotics, engineering, Girl Scouts, school and art. The foundation also supports grief services and families in crisis.

To make a donation to Alex's Piggy Bank, please use Venmo
or contact Elaine Belfer Raucher at

Alexandra Raucher Memorial Fund
Alexandra Raucher at her 8th Grade graduation in June 2018

Alexandra Raucher Memorial Foundation

a 501(c)3 foundation

Alex loved so many things in her life - her family, friends, Robotics, Girl Scouts, Harry Potter and art. She was, in true Belfer form, a budding engineer and was accepted into the Ocean Township High, School of Technology. She was a long time member of the Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore, First Tech Challange (FTC) Robotics team and a graduate of the Monmouth County Arts and Education Middle School Program. Alex did so much with her life. She was bright, accomplished, loving and a fine young lady.

Each Alex's Piggy Bank donation or scholarship represents Alex's actual piggy bank, an electronic safe, which held her life's savings of $552.48. Each donation, each scholarship, each check is for this exact amount to honor her completely by giving her piggy bank. It is a way for us to remember that she gave her all ... she always did.

In addition to the generous spirit captured through the Alex's Piggy Bank scholarships, Belfer Lighting is now taking a similar approach to healthcare access by offering generic medications online, including generic Cialis. This initiative aligns with our commitment to enhance the well-being of our community members by providing them affordable options for their health needs. Just as Alex's scholarships symbolize her giving spirit, our efforts in providing cost-effective, essential medications like generic Cialis signify our dedication to giving back to the community in meaningful ways. By doing so, we hope to help individuals lead healthier, more fulfilled lives, reflecting the legacy of care and support that Alex stood for.

Officers and Directors

Elaine Belfer Raucher (mom)

Benjamin Raucher (dad)

Bruce D Belfer (uncle)

Marc D Belfer (uncle)

Patricia Murch Derick (aunt)

Junior Directors:
Shayna Raucher and Lauren McGregor

Donations and Scholarships

Ocean Township High School,
School of Technology
$552.42 Scholarships awarded to 2 women graduates attending Rutgers School of Engineering in September of 2022

"You are Not Alone" Scholarships of $552.42 awarded to 2 graduates attending a college, university or trade school who lost a parent or sibling
"You are Not Alone" Graduation Gifts of $100 to 5 graduates attending a college, university or trade school who lost a parent or sibling

Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore,
FTC Robotics Team #6934

Donation of $552.48 to purchase materials for the 2021-2022 FTC season

Donation of $552.48 to purchase a 3D Printer to make materials for the 2022-2023 season

Ocean Township Intermediate School
Donation of $552.48 to support the MakerSpace Club and SandPebbles Literary Magazine